December 1, 2015

Clark and Company Finding Success Beyond the Metro



Sure, there are four of them, but this band is one of a kind. You'll notice there is a set of triplets here and their success in music is building.

The band says through friendship, writing and music, Clark and Company keeps the beat going.

Through the downbeats and syncopation, it's the toe taping rhythm which takes us right along into the music of Clark and Company. And in the rests between notes, the faces of each member emerge. Meet the Clark triplets: Simon playing drums, Sophie on the keys and vocals and that's Cooper on bass.

"We were all really close growing up, I think it is kind of the triplet thing, because we are all the same age, so we were each other's best friends growing up and that's not really changed," said Sophie. 

Playing along is longtime friend and bandmate Cameron Thelander.

"We are called Clark and Company because we like to feature various artists that we kind of keep the style, the company. Yeah we keep company but at the same time we are also doing something we all enjoy, every time you add something different, it can change a song completely," said Cameron. 

As of late, the band is hitting their chorus in near perfect harmony – just releasing their new ep "Roots" last week, they’re also nominated for the 2016 Omaha Entertainment And Arts Awards For Best Blues.

They’re also being heard across the world finalists in the 10th and 11th annual INTERNATIONAL Acoustic Music Awards, in the company of the likes of Emmylou Harris.

To them, there's no place like home - right here in Omaha, to play.

"Growing up seeing all these bands get all this success when we were just starting, that was really inspiring,” explained Simon. 

The band formed in high school, now just freshman in college seem to find a groove with their soulful sound.