December 5, 2015

Seeing triple, UNO siblings release new EP, ‘Roots’

By The Gateway

If you go to UNO, you may have seen freshmen Sophie, Simon and Cooper Clark around campus or even had a class with them. What you may not know upon first glance, however, is that these triplets make up a band called Clark & Company.

The band first started out as a hard rock cover band called Strange Antics. Sophie, singer, songwriter and pianist of the group, said that it was a good experience and taught the siblings how to be a band, but the rock genre definitely wasn’t for them.

“It wasn’t really clicking for me, and I felt like I wasn’t writing in the style I wanted to write in,” she said. “I started writing more acoustic, piano music, and then I asked my brothers, ‘what if we start a band with just piano, bass, and drums?’ They said okay, and that’s how Clark & Co. got started. It was our sophomore year of high school.”

When asked if they found it hard to balance school with their music career, the triplets said that they only practice about once a week, so it’s not too bad. They played a lot of gigs this past summer but now try to balance it out with school by limiting it to two or three gigs per month.

Along with Simon on drums and Cooper on bass, the band also features UNO freshman Cameron Thelander on tenor saxophone and sophomore Michael Palandri on alto saxophone.

Their first album, Three of Swords, was released in January 2014. Sophie described it as a singer-song-writer, soft sound. This sound contrasts quite a bit with their second album, Larger World, which was released in November 2014 and has a more blues and jazz vibe.

They released their new EP, Roots, on Friday, Nov. 27 at The Slow-down. The opening act, Dr. Croon, featured Devon Fulton, Thelander, and two-thirds of the Clarks: Coo-per and Simon. Sophie said this EP is unique because it plays around with different styles of music.

“I really liked the idea of studying different musical styles and then making them sound modern, putting a Clark & Co. sound to them,” she said.

The band has recently been nominated for the 2016 Omaha Entertainment & Arts Awards under the Best Blues category.

As far as where they’re going from here, the siblings said that their sound will definitely be different on their next album.

“For our next project, rather than going to someone else’s studio for our new album, we’re going to slow it down a bit and record several songs in our own studio,” Simon said. “We want it to have kind of an ambient sound, more like raw recordings. We want to really be able to take our time with them.”

Hope Schreiner

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